Worry Free Digital Signage

My team collaborated with R/GA's Digital Studio to create an animation explaining all the benefits of Verizon's Worry-Free Guarantee in easy-to-understand terms. Each narrative brings to life one of the Worry Free Guarantee points: No Contract Required, Premium Installation, and Follow-up Call. Each character is confronted with a concern relating to new Verizon service and then is reassured through one of the guarantee promises. We created a family of characters which felt real, friendly and approachable. We wanted to position Verizon as an innovated technology company by creating a look and feel that was future-forward and which took advantage of the latest in computer and character animation. The design and animation of the family cues Verizon as a company who understands how technology relates to every day people. This piece was part of an overall refresh of select Verizon Plus Stores in Florida, California, and Texas. My team was responsible for the digital enhancements including implementation of a digital signage distribution system, exterior window signage, check-in system, messaging strategy, and multi-touch content. I collaborated with partner agencies to inform the design of a touchscreen fixture as well as the appropriate placement of digital hardware and fixtures within the store flow. We redefined the content strategy for a dynamic playlist and developed new creative for interior signage, exterior signage, touchscreens, and laptops. This was one of our creative executions.

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